Lodge #2022


Benevolent and Proctective Order of Elks

of the United State of America


Keep up with your Lodge Activities and Committees

Statutory Committees

Elks National Veterans Services Commission

  • Adopt-A-Veteran Program
  • Freedom Grant
  • Welcome Home
  • ENVSC VAVS Representative and VAVS Deputy Representative
  • Veterans Leather Program
  • Playing Cards for Veterans
  • Re-Creation

Fraternal Committee

  • Americanism
  • Elks National Foundation
  • Flag Day
  • Elks Memorial Day
  • Membership
  • Lodge Activities

Activities Committee

  • Community Activities
  • Youth Activities
  • Hoop Shoot
  • Drug Awareness


Auditing and Accounting Committee

This committee's primary responsibility is the Lodge Annual Financial Report. Within these responsibilities are the required uses of the uniform Chart of Accounts, compilation of report, and the delivery of report to Lodge and Grand Lodge.

Bulletin Committee

Responsible for the decimation of information authorized by the Exalted Ruler.

Entertainment Committee

Responsible for entertainment events to engage the members and create an environment for their participation and Lodge revenue.

Government Relation Committee

Promote the First Amendment and related guarantees of the Bill of Rights so the BPOE can continue to operate as a private, non-profit, and charitable organization.

Investigation (Interview) Committee

Evaluate applicants for membership into the Elks. Includes making the applicants aware of their duties and responsibility to the Order.

Orientation Committee

Orientation brings new members up to speed with what is expected of them. New members should also learns the benefits of the Elks have to offer.

Lapsation Committee

Life happens and members priorities change which may cause them to loose touch with the Lodge. This committee is a way to reach out and let know about the things which are happening or ask them for help with a project in an effort to reinstate their membership.

Soccer Shoot Committee

Part of our Youth program, the soccer shoot allows local kids to score penalty kicks in a competition. Winners move from Local to District, and State playoffs.

Standing Relief Committee

Most of us at some point in our live come upon hard times. In the event a member seeks help form the Lodge, this committee will review the merits of the request and a make recommendation the Lodge.

Public Relations

The Elks is a community based organization and offer many services within the community. A media savvy member is need to get the word out of our programs, services, and contributions.


The Elks Ritual usually stays in the memory of all members from their initiation. Memorization and perfection of any officer part is a challenge and is rewarded in Ritual competition.



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